Throwback Thursday: First Look at Platinum Natural Weasel Hair Brush Pen and Platinum Black

Pen:       Platinum Natural Weasel Hair Brush Pen

Ink:        Platinum Black

Paper:   Rhodia No. 16 Grid

I've posted a fair number of "Chinese Cacography" posts now.  They all feature the Platinum brush pen.  I was fascinated that they made brush pens that used ink cartridges.  I picked one up as I thought it would be a fun way to extend the use of fountain pen ink.

Handwritten Review

Trying out brush pen.  Need to write differently.  Not used to it.  How to write.  Well, I like the variation in the brush.

Chinese brush painting.

Closing Comments

The brush pen is not something I find easy for writing English text.  I find it slow to print or write in cursive.  However, I do enjoy using it to write Chinese.  However, I don't know how to do Chinese calligraphy as that is a separate art on its own that I have not explored.  

I've long finished the Platinum black ink cartridges that came with the pen.  I washed out the cartridges and refill them with other fountain pen inks.  It's been fun to experiment with something other than black.