Happy New Year & I'm Back!

Hello Pen Friends! Happy New Year to all!

December went by in a flash and we're already more than a week into 2017. Apologies for dropping off suddenly for the past few weeks. It was unintended for sure. Things just got super hairy with work and the holidays, out-of-town visitors and some travelling of my own. If I was better at planning, I would have seen the busy period coming and prepared blog posts in advance.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to visit the blog. This will just be a short post to let you know that I'm back and will ease into a regular posting routine.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Fountain Pen Addicts

Pen friends in the US are celebrating Thanksgiving this week and the countdown to Black Friday begins!  It got me thinking that a holiday gift guide would be helpful.  This guide is primarily intended for the non-pen person looking for a gift for the fountain pen aficionado, whether newbie or seasoned, in his or her life.

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A Closer Look at the Lamy Lx Pen Case

Soon after I posted my review of the Lamy Lx (which admittedly was quite a few weeks now), my friend Dries from the Pencilcase Blog asked me:

How's the inside of the case, does it hug the pen or does the Lx sit loosely inside?

It’s a very good question that led me to realize that I should have spent a little more time looking at the case itself in the original review.

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Fountain Pen Day 2016

Happy Fountain Pen Day to pen friends everywhere!


The first Friday in November is Fountain Pen Day.  This is a worldwide movement that was started 5 years ago by Cary Yeager, aka Fountain Pen Day on [Instagram][1] and [Twitter][2].  I’m amazed at how this thing has grown exponentially over the past few years, no doubt due to Cary’s enthusiasm and the awesomeness that is comprises the pen community.  According to the Fountain Pen Day website, in 2012 (Year 1) there were 49 participating vendors and 600 people celebrating.    Based on my rough count, there is approximately 110 vendors this year and I read/heard somewhere that 20,000 people are participating!

So today, I plan on fully enjoying my fountain pens by writing lots starting with this little entry in my Hobonichi Techo.

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Scriptus 2016 - Toronto's Pen & Writing Show

I'm planning to attend the Scriptus 2016 Pen Show in Toronto this coming Sunday, October 30th. I'm putting this on the blog before I have a chance to change my mind.  You see, I've never been to a pen show before and the thought of seeing throngs of vendors and attendees both frightens and excites me.  

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Platinum 3776 Century and My Lucky Pen Day

Those of you tapped into the pen and stationery blogosphere have likely come across the Pencilcase Blog run by Dries, a Belgian student.  Somehow between his busy schedule of exams, projects and studies he has managed to become a seasoned pen collector and writer-extraordinaire.  The Pencilcase Blog turned 3 years old this summer which makes Pendora's Box's 6 months of existence seem rather infantile.  As a veteran blogger, Dries was kind enough to offer this rooky some encouragement and advice.

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July Long Weekend Getaway EDC

To celebrate Canada Day, we decided on a weekend getaway to wine country at Niagara-on-the-Lake.  I had a June 30th project deadline at work so I was going all-out the day before the trip.  Still, I managed to get most of my pens inked for July and select my stationery and pens for the road trip.  So, what made the cut?

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Lamy 2000 M Black Amber 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - YouTube

(Image credit to: http://www.bbblogr.com/lamy-2000-black-amber-news/)

Okay, so I don't usually write about upcoming releases, except in passing, but the 50th anniversary edition of the Lamy 2000 has finally been revealed!

Appelboom, a luxury pen retailer based in the Netherlands, posted a video on it's YouTube channel which highlights the history of this storied pen before revealing the 50th anniversary edition.

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Another Pendora's Box: Making of a Grail Pen - Hakumin Urushi Kobo Edison Skinny Pearl Kyokko · Penucopia

Recently I've been having recurring thoughts about having a custom pen made.  I've generally put them aside with the thinking that there are still plenty of pens and pen brands out there that I haven't yet seen, touched or tried.

Then, a couple days ago, I read a post by Thomas Hall on the making of his grail pen.  His pen, without a doubt, is **stunning**.  I love looking at demonstrators, the bling of raden and the depth of urushi...but to combine them all into one pen is simply breathtaking.

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Big Apple Fountain Pen Loadout

Recently I had an one-day trip to New York City for a series of meetings. I didn't have to worry too much about packing luggage but I thought long and hard about what fountain pens and stationary to pack. After much deliberation, I settled on the Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Galaxy (M), Lamy Studio (14k EF) and Platinum 3776 Sai (M). 

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