Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Lamy 2000 + Akkerman Parkapop Purple

Honestly, I have no idea how the time has gone so fast.  I’ve been completely swamped with work projects, business trips and family stuff.  But still, I’m enjoying my fountain pens and, in particular, looking back at pen + ink combinations from my sultry August line-up.

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Currently Inked: November 2016

October came and went in a flash!  With the Scriptus pen showthis past Sunday and yesterday being Halloween, I didn't have much time to prepare my pen + ink combos for November.  Without further ado, here they are...

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Currently Inked: Loadout for Ottawa Conference

One week after returning from my trip to Philly, I was off to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, for a conference.  I barely unpacked but gave some thought to my pen and stationery carry for this 2 day trip.  Once again, I dipped into my September pen & ink line-up for this outing. This is what I brought.

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Currently Inked: Loadout for Weekend in Philly

Some family matters took me to Philly again last weekend.I expected to be busy and not have a lot of down time for playing with pens.Still, I brought along some essentials.This is what I brought.
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Currently Inked: September 2016

It’s the unofficial end of summer.  The weather is cooler and days are shorter.  My little guy is ready for a new school year.  It’ll be back to normal routines both at home and work.  I echo this sentiment with this a new pen and ink line-up.

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Currently Inked: Loadout for Trip to Philadelphia

After coming home from my annual family cottage vacation, I barely got my luggage unpacked before repacking for a short trip to Philadelphia.  A few days was for working but there was a little time for sightseeing too. 

Since this would be shorter trip I decided to pack lightly in terms of writing instruments and stationery especially since I was intending NOT to check any baggage.

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Currently Inked: August 2016

I headed off for my annual family cottage vacation a few days before the end of July. It was a hectic last week before I left so there wasn't time for me to switch to August ink fillings, plus, many of the pens inked up in July were 'not quite' used up.  So, I did what any reasonable pen and ink addict with do in this circumstance...I packed up all my July pens, my planned August pens and all the ink I could find that was in plastic bottles or vials.   These are think pairings I ended up with.


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Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Lamy 2000 + Private Reserve Ebony Purple

Handwritten Review

Here's another one that came from the Goulet Ink Drop days.  I almost passed on it since the handwritten review was very short.  But, the review was so positive that I decided to go with it.

Pen: Lamy 2000 EF
Ink: De Atramentis Ebony Purple
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

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Lamy 2000 M Black Amber 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - YouTube

(Image credit to:

Okay, so I don't usually write about upcoming releases, except in passing, but the 50th anniversary edition of the Lamy 2000 has finally been revealed!

Appelboom, a luxury pen retailer based in the Netherlands, posted a video on it's YouTube channel which highlights the history of this storied pen before revealing the 50th anniversary edition.

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Wordless Wednesday: My Fountain Pen Families

Edison Pens





Pen Review: Lamy 2000

While listening to the back catalog of Pen Addict podcasts, I found one of the recurring themes was the Lamy 2000. After listening umpteen times of Brad and Myke discussing the Lamy 2000, I knew it was inevitable that I would get one. Of course they were not the only ones to discuss this iconic pen. Many YouTubers and bloggers have done so too.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Lamy 2000. The pen community is abuzz with talk of a commemorative anniversary pen. I'm eager to see what Lamy has in store for us, but there's a good chance I'll put whatever Lamy offers into my shopping cart. 

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