Lamy 2000 M Black Amber 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - YouTube

Okay, so I don't usually write about upcoming releases, except in passing, but the 50th anniversary edition of the Lamy 2000 has finally been revealed!

Appelboom, a luxury pen retailer based in the Netherlands, posted a video on it's YouTube channel which highlights the history of this storied pen before revealing the 50th anniversary edition.

The Lamy 2000 M Black Amber 50th Anniversay Limited Edition pen will be an all metal pen with a brushed stainless steel body with a burnished grey red finish. "50" will be added to the usual Lamy logo on the cap. The series will be limited to 5000 fountain pens. Ball points and rollerballs will also be available and limited to 1500 pens each.

This anniversary pen is on my wish list. In my review of the Lamy 2000, I had indicated that it was my go-to meeting pen. I have the macralon version and love the durability and lightness of the pen. I've read some reviews of the stainless steel version and common criticisms about the metal version is the weight and the cost. I'll definitely have to take these into consideration before opening my wallet.

The price of the 50th anniversary edition has not been revealed yet. The pen and special features do make it attractive though. But whether they are worth it is still to be determined.

So what do you think of the 50th anniversary Lamy 2000? Will you be getting it?

2016-07-05: Goulet Pens posted on their blog today that the MSRP is expected to be $500 with no discounting allowed. At this stroke-inducing price, I'm leaning strongly towards taking a pass. The colour doesn't really speak to me and I was really hoping on a macralon pen. The other 50th edition features like the logo, don't justify the added premium in my mind.