Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at OMAS Ogiva Alba + Cara D'Ache Infra Red

In honour of Canada Day tomorrow I thought it would be fitting to pick a red ink for Throwback Thursday.

Handwritten Review

Pen: OMAS Ogiva Alba EF Extra Flessibile
Ink: Cara D'Ache Infra Red
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Hello, first new ink sampled in 2015. Tis also the first time I cleaned out the Alba. I was excited I just filled it up when I got the pen. No railroading now.

So this red is very intense. No bleeding or ghosting. Let's slow down to do some flexing. As can see, some rail-roading when flexed. Some shading, not prominent.

Closing Comments
This is a saturated ink. The red is what I would consider a pure red. No hints of black, brown, orange or purple. There's no sheening and minimal shading.

I don't usually do water fastness tests as its not something that I'm particularly interested in, however, I accidently got a couple drops of water on the writing sample as I was moving it around for photography. As you can see, the ink is not at all water resistant. It would be nice for ink washing projects though!

Bonus image:  Caran D'Ache Infra Red written with glass pen on Nock Dot Dash notecard