Currently Inked: October 2016

I’m posting my pen & ink line-up a later than originally planned.  I had hoped that a new pen that shipped out at the end of September would have arrived in time to join the October line-up.  I decided to go ahead and post my Currently Inked for October and do an addendum for the new pen.

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Currently Inked: Loadout for Trip to Philadelphia

After coming home from my annual family cottage vacation, I barely got my luggage unpacked before repacking for a short trip to Philadelphia.  A few days was for working but there was a little time for sightseeing too. 

Since this would be shorter trip I decided to pack lightly in terms of writing instruments and stationery especially since I was intending NOT to check any baggage.

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The Story of the Ink that Survived a Winter Journey from Arizona to Toronto

Let's step back for a moment.  9 days earlier I was listening to the episode of Penaddict with Azizah Azgarali as guest and Brad was going on about the great deal on the Platinum 3776 Sai.  I only have the Platinum Cool in my pen collection so the 3776 on my 'later' wish list.  After hearing the deal and doing some homework, I found myself putting one into my shopping cart. Well, I couldn't just order one pen and have it shipped from the US...I had to put something else into the cart.  I debated and decided to put a bottle of Sailor Jentle Shigure in the cart.  

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