Currently Inked: Loadout for Trip to Philadelphia

After coming home from my annual family cottage vacation, I barely got my luggage unpacked before repacking for a short trip to Philadelphia. A few days was for working but there was a little time for sightseeing too.

Since this would be shorter trip I decided to pack lightly in terms of writing instruments and stationery especially since I was intending NOT to check any baggage.

Pens & Ink

All pens and inks were selected from my inked pens for August.

Pen: Bexley Gaston’s Special Reserve M
Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
I enjoy using this pen for business meetings. Ancient Copper is turning out to be a great match with this pen. I love the shading.

Pen: OMAS Ogiva Alba EF Extra Flessibile
Ink: Omas Blue
I do use this pen and ink for meeting notes but I'm finding it very wet for the Leuchhturm 1917 notebook that I'm currently using. It's ok on Rhodia paper but theres lots of bleed through on the Leuchhturm paper. I do like journaling and lettering with this pen and ink combo though.

Pen: Karas Kustoms Ink F
Ink: Diamine Sepia
I kind of went with a big pen theme when the Bexley went into the case so it was only natural that the Karas Kustoms Ink come along for the ride. Sepia ink actually worked quite well in my Leuchhturm 1917 notebook.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Translucent Bronze F S.I.G.
Ink: Franklin-Christoph Tenebris Purpuratum
This has been a fun pen and ink combination for me. I enjoy using it for meeting notes but I find the nib quite versatile to take along with me when I'm out sightseeing and only want to bring 2 pens for the day. I found myself choosing this pen a lot during the trip. The S.I.G. nib has been stellar.

Pen: Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Water Surface F
Ink: KWZ Standard Green #2
My brain finds it hard to adapt to having a green ink in this pen. Having said that, the ink and the fine nib on this VP has performed very well for meeting note situations. Also with the fun ink, I found myself reaching for it for outings too.

Pen: Lamy 2000 EF
Ink: Akkerman #14 Parkapop Purple
I brought this pen to complete my working pens selection. However, I think my brain has an even harder time reconciling the purple ink in the Lamy 2000 than the green ink in the Pilot VP. For whatever reason, I didn't take any work notes with this pen. I did use it for pen and paper games with my little guy.

Outside the Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6, I also carried along with my Travelers Notebook the following:

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 45 IPO Masuyama M Cursive Italic
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake
I love the MCI nib on this pen so much that I could not bear to go without it for a few days!

Pen: Platinum Natural Weasel a Hair Brush Pen
Ink: Callifolio Grenat
For working on my Chinese Cacography.

Stationery & Accessories

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 This is a new pen case that I received just before my travels. I thought that it was the perfect size for the numbere of pens that I wanted to carry. It's also a beautiful and professional looking pen case. I liked that there was room to stash a pocket notebook.

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope 6 loaded up with pens and a pocket notebook

Limited Edition Pen Addict Notebook I wanted to take a pocket notebook with fountain pen friendly paper. This one fit inside the Penvelope 6.

Curnow Backpack Journal Tomoe River Edition I've been using this notebook as an insert in the regular sized TN that I use for longer writing. I ditched the rest of the TN setup to travel light.

Leuchhturm 1917 notebook As I mentioned, this is my work/meeting notebook.

Travelers Notebook with its usual 3 inserts.

Hobonichi Techo for writing mantras of the day and recording thoughts of gratitude.

Final Thoughts
I ended up using some of the items from the loadout differently than I originally planned, but overall, everything had a purpose and use.