Throwback Thursday: Edison LE Mina + Diamine Teal

I’ve been spending a lot of time these days at ice rinks with my son and his hockey team.  Thankfully I still have many pen + ink combinations from the summer to look at including this one from my August line-up.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Edison LE Mina EF
Ink: Diamine Teal
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

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Currently Inked: September 2016

It’s the unofficial end of summer.  The weather is cooler and days are shorter.  My little guy is ready for a new school year.  It’ll be back to normal routines both at home and work.  I echo this sentiment with this a new pen and ink line-up.

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Currently Inked: August 2016

I headed off for my annual family cottage vacation a few days before the end of July. It was a hectic last week before I left so there wasn't time for me to switch to August ink fillings, plus, many of the pens inked up in July were 'not quite' used up.  So, I did what any reasonable pen and ink addict with do in this circumstance...I packed up all my July pens, my planned August pens and all the ink I could find that was in plastic bottles or vials.   These are think pairings I ended up with.


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Wordless Wednesday: My Fountain Pen Families

Edison Pens





Currently Inked: May 2016

This time I did a slightly better job at timing my mid-April same ink refills so I have less holdovers. As well, I spread out the pen cleaning over a few days which made things easier. I got a lot of new inks right at the end of April which made for fun May ink fillings.


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Another Pendora's Box: Making of a Grail Pen - Hakumin Urushi Kobo Edison Skinny Pearl Kyokko · Penucopia

Recently I've been having recurring thoughts about having a custom pen made.  I've generally put them aside with the thinking that there are still plenty of pens and pen brands out there that I haven't yet seen, touched or tried.

Then, a couple days ago, I read a post by Thomas Hall on the making of his grail pen.  His pen, without a doubt, is **stunning**.  I love looking at demonstrators, the bling of raden and the depth of urushi...but to combine them all into one pen is simply breathtaking.

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Currently Inked: April 2016

Tracking of my pen and ink combinations in a central place has helped my senile mind greatly.  I still feel the choice of using the Tomoe River Notebook bound by Coach House Press for Wonderpens for my Currently Inked log is a good one.  Great paper in a nice form factor.

It was a little hard to choose the new inks this month due to the number of holdovers from last month.  It was kind of unfortunate I was forced to top up a few pens with 3 days left in March to accommodate a one-day out of town trip.  But, it's all good as long as I have pens with ink to write with.  

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Quick Review: Edison LE Mina EF

Ever since I got my first Edison Pen, the Goulet exclusive Edison Nouveau Premiere Lilac Spring 2015 LE, I've been looking to add to my collection with something from Edison's Signature Line.  I'd love to get one with one of Edison's unique filling systems such as the Menlo Pump Filler Or Beaumont Pneumatic Filler. 

I also knew that Edison does a group buy LE pen once a year.  When I saw the LE Mina group buy for 2015 I knew it was time to pick up another Edison pen. The hard part for me was choosing between the Denim Ebonite or the Silver Amber Acrylic.  I think both pen bodies look great.  After some deliberation I settled on the Denim Ebonite because I prefer the silver-coloured nib over the gold-coloured one that's on the Silver Amber...

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Currently Inked: March 2016

Over the past couple months I've found that I have a hard time keeping track of what ink I have in each of my inked pens.  It probably doesn't help that I could have up to 15 pens inked at any point in time. (Addiction, what addiction?  Seriously, though, paring down the number of inked pens I have is a post for another day and is not something I'm ready to tackle yet). 

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to track my pen and ink combinations each month in a central place.  This central place will now be a Tomoe River Notebook bound by Coach House Press for Wonderpens in Toronto.  It was easy to select this notebook because I love using Tomoe River paper, and, Wonderpens did a good job making notebooks from this paper.  The notebook is A5 sized and contains 64 pages covered in light card stock, staple bound and is very light and easy to carry around...

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