Quick Review: Edison LE Mina EF

Ever since I got my first Edison Pen, the Goulet exclusive Edison Nouveau Premiere Lilac Spring 2015 LE, I've been looking to add to my collection with something from Edison's Signature Line.  I'd love to get one with one of Edison's unique filling systems such as the Menlo Pump Filler Or Beaumont Pneumatic Filler. 

I also knew that Edison does a group buy LE pen once a year.  When I saw the LE Mina group buy for 2015 I knew it was time to pick up another Edison pen. The hard part for me was choosing between the Denim Ebonite or the Silver Amber Acrylic.  I think both pen bodies look great.  After some deliberation I settled on the Denim Ebonite because I prefer the silver-coloured nib over the gold-coloured one that's on the Silver Amber.

I got the pen from the mail box yesterday, gave the pen a quick flushing to clean out the machining oils.  Finally I inked it up for a quick test.  Here are my first impressions.

Pen:       Edison Extended LE Mina Denim Ebonite

Ink:        Waterman Mysterious Blue

Paper:   Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Handwritten Review  

The newest group buy pen from Edison features a new nib.  The nib is smaller and does not flare out as much as the normal Edison nibs.  It's slim with no flourishes. Reminds me of a Lamy Studio/Safari nib.

The pen wrote perfectly right out the gate.  No hard starts, skipping or railroading.  It writes very smooth.  It's well-tuned.  I find it a touch smoother compare to the nib on my Edison Nouveau Premiere also with EF nib.  But could that be an ink factor?  I'll have to test more to find out.

The Mina, like the Nouveau Premiere, is well-balanced and comfortable.  Cap does not post.  The grip is narrower than the Nouveau Premiere and there is a step up from the grip to the body.  The step is located fairly far up the grip so it should not be uncomfortable unless you grip far up the shaft.  It doesn't bother me so much.

[LE Mina] Does it flex? Only a touch.  I wouldn't want to put that much effort to flex.

[Nouveau Premiere] Does it flex? I would say about the same.  Meaning limited.

Closing Comments
The LE Mina is well constructed.  The shape is very different from any other pen I have - both ends are are quite wide in diameter but gradually concave to the middle.  I like the flat ends, they suit the simple lines of the pen.  

The colour is quite special.  It changes in character depending on light levels.  It can appear almost solid black-blue in dim light.  But when the light rays hit the body just right, it brings out concentric blue, almost torquoise swirls.
I continue to try this pen in different situations and for longer writing sessions.  So far I'm happy.