Currently Inked: August 2016

I headed off for my annual family cottage vacation a few days before the end of July. It was a hectic last week before I left so there wasn't time for me to switch to August ink fillings, plus, many of the pens inked up in July were 'not quite' used up.  So, I did what any reasonable pen and ink addict with do in this circumstance...I packed up all my July pens, my planned August pens and all the ink I could find that was in plastic bottles or vials.   These are think pairings I ended up with.


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Wordless Wednesday: My Fountain Pen Families

Edison Pens





Throwback Thursday: First Look at Pilot Falcon SF with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo

I really enjoyed the movement and rhythm of writing with a flex pen after getting the Noodler's Ahab.  Soon after, I was looking for more flexible fun so I decided to get the Pilot Falcon.  I know both these aren't true flex pens but I think they are good instroductions without getting into vintage.
Pen:       Pilot Falcon SF

Ink:        Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo

Paper:   Rhodia No. 16 Grid


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Chinese Cacography: Excited! 興奮

Pen:        Pilot Falcon Resin SEF
Ink:         Pilot Iroshizuku  Kiri-same

Brush:    Platinum Natural Weasel Hair Brush Pen
Ink:        Noodlers Ravens Black

Chinese Cacography (i.e. chicken scratch) is my attempt to combine using fountain pens and Chinese characters writing practice.  Unless otherwise noted, the paper used is always Baron Fig Apprentice Dot grid.