Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Pilot Falcon + Diamine Chocolate Brown

Thanksgiving is over. Cyber Monday is done. Now that we are heading into the holiday season, my mind turns to chocolate. Who am I kidding? Chocolate is welcomed anytime.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Pilot Falcon SF

Ink: Diamine Chocolate Brown

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Chocolate Brown is a warm brown. It and of reminds me of Caroube de Chypre without the sparkles. Shades. No sheen. Great shading I think. Especially when fleing. Only problem is tat it railraods when fleing. Double back can fix or leave it for character?

Ink is smooth. Flexing works ok with Falcon nib. Just wish it did not railroad as much. It’s OK with regular writing though.

That’s all folks. Out of ink.

Closing Comments

Chocolate Brown. Looks yum. Too bad it's not chocolate scented. That’s all.