Currently Inked: Loadout for Weekend Hockey Tournament

October has been fairly light in terms of travel but duty called. This time the duties as a hockey mom which involved going with my son and his team to the city of Kitchener for a hockey tournament. Originally this was supposed to be a 3 day trip but cut short by the sad reality that our team did not make it into the final day of the tournament. On a positive note, it gave me an opportunity to plan another pen + ink load out.

Apart from my must-bring Hobo and TN, I wanted to bring whatever pens and paper I could fit inside a larger case. The case I had in mind was the A5 sized Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag. I was expecting to travel a lot from rink to rink and I wanted a self-contained writing tool kit that I could bring along.

Loadout (In order of appearance in line-up)

Lamy Lx Case After posting my review of the Lamy Lx I received some questions about the case so I brought it along to test.

Lihit Lab Teffa Bag in Bag Contains my “writing kit”.

Franklin-Christoph Pen Sleeve To carry a couple of “special pens" that I didn’t want knocking around in the Lihit Lab case.

Hobonichi Techo As usual, I took this along for that beautiful Tomoe River paper and for writing my mantras of the day and gratitudes.

Travellers Notebook Passport As always, this TN comes along for the trip. This time I did my usual 3 notebook set-up. I also used the Essential Leather zipper case / card holder from Baum-Kuchen. This minimalist case is perfect to carry a few cards and some cash on hand inside the TN.

Writing Instruments

Most of the pens that came along had to fit in the outside pocket of the Lihit Bag with the flap down.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 45 Antique Glass Masuyama 18K F Italic

Ink: Diamine Chocolate Brown

The FC M45 fit in the Lihit outer pocket.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 66 Italian Ice Masuyama 14K F Cursive Italic

Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Yu-Yake

No surprise, the FC Pocket 66 fits in the Lihit outer pocket.

Pen: Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Water Surface F Ink: Callifolio Baikal

Look at this! How could I leave it behind? I decided to carry this in the FC pouch and popped it into my camera bag.

Pen: Pelikan M400 Brown Tortoiseshell EF Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho

It fit nicely in the Lihit case, plus, I wanted to work on the pen review for this pen.

Pen: Nakaya Decapod Twist SF Ink: Sailor Jentle Tokiwa-Matsu

I also didn’t want to part with the Nakaya so it also went into the FC pouch with the VP. As you can see, I don’t have a thing about my pens not touching.

Pen: Lamy LX (Rose Gold) EF

Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Momji

I figured that since I'm brought the Lamy Lx case then I might as well bring the pen.

Brush: Kuretake Yumeginga (Dream Galaxy) Brush Pen

Ink: Noodler's Plains of Abraham

For working on Chinese Cacography.

Pen: Pen Addict Retro 51

For signing hockey score sheets.

Stylus: Pencil by Paper 53

For playing on my iPad.

Field Notes Ruler: In case I needed to draw straight lines…

Nanami Seven Seas Crossfield

This is 480 pages of Tomoe River paper bliss. I love the cross grid ruling on the paper. I started to use it exclusively for Pendora’s Box related things. I’ve recently started handwriting the initial drafts of the blog posts in this notebook.

Curnow Backpack Journal I've been using this Tomoe River edition notebook in the Regular Sized TN that I use for weekend journaling. I couldn't fit the TN in the Lihit case but it was no problem to take the insert out of the TN and stash it into the Lihit for the weekend.

Nockco Dot Dash Notecards

For quick notes and nightly love notes to my son.

Final Thoughts

I managed to get a good amount of writing done in between hockey games. I even took pictures for this post on the dashboard of my car! So, the load out worked out well. My only wish was that there was a strap on the Lihit case. I set it upon the rink boards and it took a few falls. Nothing was hurt in the process. A strap would have been handy for sure. Which leads me to think that the Nockco Lanier Briefcase would have been perfect…