Currently Inked: July 2017

The themes for July are Canada's 150 and travel.

NEW (In order of appearance in line-up)

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20 Translucent Bronze B
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-Ho
Translucent Bronze is exclusive to my favourite Canadian pen shop, Wonder Pens. This pocket pen will travel with me on my summer journeys. Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho has a bronze-y feel.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Translucent Bronze Music
Ink: Robert Oster Gold Antiqua
This is the big brother to the Pocket 20 in Wonder Pens exclusive Translucent Bronze. Since this pen has large ink volume, I fitted it with the ink thirsty music nib. I wanted something similar but different from Pilot Iroshizuku Ina-ho so I chose the darker and richer looking Robert Oster Gold Antiqua ink.

Pen: Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Water Surface F
Ink: Noodler's Plains of Abraham
I feel I always need to have either the Lamy 2000 or a Pilot Vanishing Point inked up for copious note taking purpose. This time I paired the Vanishing Point with Noodler's Plains of Abraham which is also a Wonder Pens exclusive. Given that it's Canada's 150, I thought the Plains of Abraham reference is particularly fitting.

Pen: OMAS Ogiva Alba EF Extra Flessibile
Ink: Sailor Jentle Kin Mokusei
My Omas Ogiva Alba makes a comeback into rotation. I thought a bright happy orange like the Sailor Kin Mokusei would be a good match.

Pen: Platinum 3776 Sai M
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Momji
I needed a red ink in honour of Canada Day but I don't have a red that matches up exactly to Maple Leaf flag red. I settled with Pilot Iroshizuku Momji which I paired with the crystal clear Platinum 3776 Century Sai.

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 Blue-Violet and Ice Masuyama F Cursive Italic
Ink: Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue
I wanted to have another pocket sized pen for travel purpose so I went with this Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 which hasn't been used for a long while. It pairs nicely with Akkerman Shocking Blue.

So how many pens do you have inked up for July? What are your favourite pen and ink combos?