Scriptus 2016 - Toronto's Pen & Writing Show

Scriptus Torontos Pen and Writing Show

I'm planning to attend the Scriptus 2016 Pen Show in Toronto this coming Sunday, October 30th. I'm putting this on the blog before I have a chance to change my mind. You see, I've never been to a pen show before and the thought of seeing throngs of vendors and attendees both frightens and excites me.

I've done my homework to revisit how to prepare for attending my first pen show by re-listening to certain Pen Addict podcasts and reading experiences from other bloggers. I also researched specifically about Scriptus by listening to Michelle Leung talk about Scriptus on Episode 226 of the Pen Addict and reading recaps of Scriptus 2015 from Paul Joynes at Gorgeous.Ink and Liz Chan at Wonder Pens.

So what am I looking for from the pen show?

Well, of course I have a target list to work from. I'll come back to that in a moment.

What I look forward most from the pen show is being in a room with like-minded people for a few hours to gush over pens, ink and paper while supporting my favourite vendors and meeting new ones too. It is exciting to see that the Toronto pen scene is 'happening' and I really should take the opportunity to attend my local pen show. I’ve read about Scriptus for the past few years and from what I gather, this show has really grown over the past few years.

It will be fun to see pen friends whom I've met on Instagram or Twitter or even those who have reached out to me directly through this blog. So, if you've ever thought about attending a pen show and are sitting on the fence about Scriptus, then please come out too! Drop me a line so that we can plan to meet up. We could just say hello and then part ways. Or we can check out a a few tables together or grab a coffee at Balzac's to do some pen show-and-tell.

What do I plan to bring to Scriptus? I haven't fully decided yet but I’m thinking that since the date of the show is Oct 30, I could bring pens from my October line-up as well as some pens I expect to be inked for November. Is there a particular pen in my small collection that you would e interested in seeing or trying? If so, let me know and I’ll make best efforts to bring it along.

I have tried very hard in October not to buy any new pens with the expectation of getting something at Scriptus. Anything from my Wish List is a possibility. I would love to track down a vintage wet noodle Waterman.

I’m really looking forward to visiting Liz & John (and, cross my fingers, little Caleb) at the Wonder Pens booth. I hope and pray I’ll be early enough to nab a bottle of the KWZ Scriptus 2016 ink. I’m a big fan of KWZ ins though my collection is very limited.

I thought about doing an “official” Pendora’s Box meet-up at the show. But with this being my first pen show, I decided it would be better for me to enjoy the show with no added pressure. I’d still love to meet up informally so be sure to hit me up if you’re at the show.

So will you be attending Scriptus 2016?