Lamy Lx vs. Lamy Al-Star

The Lamy Al-Star and it’s entry-level sibling, the Lamy Safari are part of most fountain pen users' pen journeys. If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you may have noticed that two Lamy Al-Stars frequently make appearances: 2014 Special Edition Blue Green and the 2015 Special Edition Copper Orange.

Lamy Studio Wild Rubin, Lamy 2000, Lamy Al-Star Blue Green, Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange

Lamy Studio Wild Rubin, Lamy 2000, Lamy Al-Star Blue Green, Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange

I have yet to do reviews for the Al-Stars but they are on the list. Straight-up, I love them. I find the moulded grip comfortable. The shape of the barrel is sleek and modern. I love the way they write.

With this being the 50th anniversary of Lamy Bauhaus design, and being a Lamy aficionado, I was excited to see what Lamy had in store for us. Prior to the reveal, I had put the Lamy 2000 50th anniversary pen on my wish list. After the reveal I adopted a “wait and see” approach on the Lamy 2000. I was, however, attracted to the Lamy Lx.

So, when the pens hit the shelves at Wonder Pens, I think 1-2 weeks before our friends to the south, I put an order in for the rose gold version of the Lamy Lx. They also come in ruthenium, palladium and gold colours.

This is not intended to be a detailed review of the Lamy Lx but rather, a quick comparison of the Lamy Lx with the Al-Star.


Dimensions and overall pen shape and design echo that of the Lamy Al-Star. This includes the cap and barrel shape.

Clip of the Lx is coloured the same as the body. In this case rose gold. For the Lamy Al-Star, shiny chrome.

The Lamy logo on the barrel of the Lx is polished and glossy while on the Al-Star, it is just an outline and almost indiscernible.

Cap screws made of a shiny and polished rose-gold coloured metal in the Lx. In the Al-Star it is made of black plastic.

The tail end is made of the same polished matching metal in the Lx. In the Al-Star it is made of black plastic.

Overall, the grip section shape and material is the same moulded plastic featuring the famous Lamy “triangular” grip. The grey on the Lx appears darker that that of the Al-Star.

Nibs on both pens are made of stainless steel. On the Lx it is coated black with a rose gold laser etching that outlines the slit and breather hole. This slit is longer than in the Al-Star. The Al-Star nib also does not have a breather hole.

The design of the nib is reminiscent of the nib on the Lamy Studio Wild Rubin.

14K gold nib of Lamy Studio Wild Rubin


Lamy Al-Star comes in a small cardboard box which I have long since put into the recycle bin.

Lamy Lx comes in a aluminimum tube anodized the same colour as the pen body. It makes a sturdy but slightly bulky pen sleeve.


The Al-Star retails in the US for $38 while the Lx retails for $56. At Wonder Pens, these are selling for C$53 and $89 respectively. The weak Canadian dollar is very painful for Canuck pen fans.

In the $50-60 range, one could get into the likes of TWSBI 580, Pilot Prera, Monteverde Intima etc. These are all good pens and I think the Lx is well-priced to contend from a features perspective.

As for the $18 or 47% premium over the Lamy Al-Star? The design upgrades and aesthetic features are well with the price premium. Yes, it’s a 47% premium but for less than $20 or a bottle of ink, you get a very modern upgrade for this classic pen. In my opinion, the sleek black nib looks awesome. I love writing with this pen and I feel very stylish doing so. Now if only i could get a matching iPhone in rose gold…

I had hoped to get some shots of the Copper Orange along with Lamy Al-Star Blue Green and the Lamy Lx. Unfortunately, I could not find it in the few areas that I normally store my pens and pen supplies. This is a sure sign that some maintenance and reorganization is in order...but that is a post for another day.

So, did you get a Lamy Lx or are you planning to get one? What about that Lamy 2000 Black Amber?

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