Throwback Thursday: Hobonichi Techo vs Stalogy 365 Throwdown

It’s that time of year again - preorder season for the next year’s edition of the Hobonichi planner. With that in mind, today’s Throwback Thursday is to what may be the most viewed post on Pendora’s Box: Hobonichi Techo vs Stalogy 365 Throwdown.

This year I have been using the Stalogy 365. I enjoy the fact that it’s undated. I can skip a day if nothing special happened. On other days, I may use multiple pages. I find the flexibility less mentally draining. On the other hand, since the Stalogy 365 is undated, inertia takes over and I find myself often just too “busy” to do an entry.

Due to these countervailing forces, I’m struggling this year with what to do for my planner arrangement for next year. Should I go back to the Hobo? Should I continue on the Stalogy wagon? Decisions need to be made fast before those 2018 Hobo’s sell out!!

Do you use a planner? What do you use?