Throwback Thursday: Pilot Falcon SF + De Atramentis Pigeon Blue

A quick and dirty ink review back in the days when I did a lot of ink testing.

Pen: Pilot Falcon SF

Ink: De Atramentis Pigeon Blue

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Handwritten Review

This is an interesting colour. Kinda blue, kinda grey, kinda green. I certainly offer this colour to [Diamine] Woodland Green.

Some interesting shading. I could see this being a daily writer. Flex with this ink is nice.

Closing Comments
Ok, well, those of you observant will notice that in my handwritten review I had written that the ink is Diamine Pigeon. In fact, such an ink does not exist. I cross referenced to other sources and am sure it should be De Atramentis Pigeon Blue.

I'm not really into Turquoise in my personal life, but I do enjoy writing with them. I love that duality nature of turquoise: kinda blue, kinda green.