Quick Review: Edison LE Mina EF

Ever since I got my first Edison Pen, the Goulet exclusive Edison Nouveau Premiere Lilac Spring 2015 LE, I've been looking to add to my collection with something from Edison's Signature Line.  I'd love to get one with one of Edison's unique filling systems such as the Menlo Pump Filler Or Beaumont Pneumatic Filler. 

I also knew that Edison does a group buy LE pen once a year.  When I saw the LE Mina group buy for 2015 I knew it was time to pick up another Edison pen. The hard part for me was choosing between the Denim Ebonite or the Silver Amber Acrylic.  I think both pen bodies look great.  After some deliberation I settled on the Denim Ebonite because I prefer the silver-coloured nib over the gold-coloured one that's on the Silver Amber...

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