Throwback Thursday: Edison LE Mina + Diamine Teal

I’ve been spending a lot of time these days at ice rinks with my son and his hockey team. Thankfully I still have many pen + ink combinations from the summer to look at including this one from my August line-up.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Edison LE Mina EF Ink: Diamine Teal Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Diamine Teal is a pretty nice match with the blue swirl ebonite of the Edison LE Mina. The ebonite on this pen still smells funky.

This teal, I guess it’s a bit more green than blue. It’s pretty dark so that is not a whole of of shading going on. No sheen or shimmer. So it’s okay as a teal but not too exciting. It doesn’t really do anything for me.

It flowed well in this narrow EF nib of the LE Mina. It never skipped. No hard started. Was well-behaved on every type of paper I tried.

No ghosting, feathering, bleeding. Writes kind of dry, toothy.

Closing Comments

Looking back I seemed to be neutral at best on my feelings for Diamine Teal. I think it was around the type that J. Herbin Caroube de Chypre was released and I had sparkles in my mind. Sparkles and shimmer are nice for certain situations, but inks without them are perfectly fine as well.

Diamine Teal and the blue swirl ebonite of the pen reminds me of dark wash jeans. Deep and multi-dimensional. Nothing neutral about that.