Throwback Thursday: Edison Nouveau Premiere - Lilac + Waterman Tender Purple

I'm done with the Stormy Grey arc for now so this time I'm looking back at something more spring-like.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Edison Nouveau Premiere - Lilac 1.1

Ink: Waterman Tender Purple

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Woah! Good thing I remembered to write this review before the ink ran dry !

Nice purple, I like it darker but this is okay. It's been performing well in the Edison 1.1. Stub.

Nice shading light to dark purple. No sheen or any thing but shading, yes. Well behaved on Rhodia paper, it's not an every day ink that I would choose for work. It's okay for journaling and hand-scripting. Enjoy it for that.

This ink has been well behaved. Never skipped. Always smooth smooth. Quite enjoyable to write with, though colour is ok. Not too interesting but good. Saturated.

Closing Comments
I only ever tried a sample vial of this ink. Looking back at my comments it seems like I should get a bottle of this smooth running ink! Looking back now, I quite like the way the ink looks. There was a time a time when I preferred black leaning inks. Now I'm not averse to bright colours. I certainly wouldn't mind using this colour for work since anything I write is for my own personal use anyway.