Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Edison Nouveau Premiere - Lilac + Noodler's Purple Martin

At one time I had got quite a few purple ink samples to try matching with the lilac Edison Nouveau Premiere.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Edison Nouveau Premiere - Lilac 1.1
Ink: Noodler's Purple Martin
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Hello Purple Martin! This is a saturated smooth purple. Some shading. Light to dark purple. Well behaved on Rhodia - no bleeding or ghosting. Seems a touch of feathering. Maybe it's this stub nib.

One of the nicer dark purples I've tried. Kind of prefer Ebony Purple to this one but that's more Ebony than Purple.

So for a purple that looks purple but not pastel - this is it.

Closing Comments
I like purple inks, especially those on the black end of th spectrum. Looking back on the writing sample, this ink looks decent. It's not a complex purple but a good dark purple.