Throwback Thursday: First Look at Omas Ogiva Alba with Pelikan Mandarin

There's lots of Internet chatter these days about the demise of Omas. I, for one, am sad to see this venerable pen maker go under. I was introduced to Omas thanks to Brian Goulet's wonderfully in-depth videos when the Goulet Pen Company started carrying Omas. I was also extremely curious about the 'Extra Flessibile' nib so that's what I got.

Pen: Omas Ogiva Alba EF Extra Flessibile

Ink: Pelikan Mandarin

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Handwritten Review

Woah! Just got the Omas Ogiva Alba and I had to try this Pelikan Mandarin ink with it. Love the shading. But it ran dry quite quickly and took a long time to run again. So maybe this ink is not the best for flex pen but it is quite a beauty.

Try some flexing.

Love this nib. It's pretty smooth. Lovely.
Ink is well behaved. Wet or dry? Wet. Runs like oil. Great!

Closing Comments

Having used this pen for some time now I definitely have a lot more to say about this pen than those few handwritten comments. I'm working on an longer in-depth review so I'll save those comments for another day.