Throwback Thursday: Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.5 + J. Herbin Stormy Grey

Last week's Throwback was my first impressions of Noodlers Neponset with Stormy Grey. This week's Throwback is a continuation of the journey using the Goulet stub nib.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.5

Ink: J. Herbin Stormy Grey

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Hello. Stormy Grey TAKE 2. Trying again with Goulet stub. Behaves properly. It seems there are more gold flecks in this second sample vial. See more gold. Even at the bottom of the vial. Dammit, that's where the gold went. It's a nice grey. Really.


Closing Comments
In retrospect, both my first two trials with Stormy a grey were not too successful. I did get a full bottle after and had a lot more success with the shimmer. But Stormy Grey without the golden flakes is not too interesting of a grey. It's "meh". Just a medium dark grey. Some but not too much shading. I actually haven't used it in a while as I haven't had a big need for a shimmery grey ink. But I'm thinking I'll bring it back into rotation and keep it semi-permanently in a TWSBI Eco with a stub nib.