Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Noodlers Neponset + Diamine Ancient Copper

Soon after falling into fountain pen addiction, I came across this thing called music nibs. Then I read about a mythical music nib pen being developed by Nathan Tardiff at Noodler's. Somehow the Neponset became reality and I landed my first music nib pen on launch day. It was kind of exciting.

Pen: Noodlers Neponset Music

Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Handwritten Review

Mama! This Ancient Copper really rocks! Look at it! Wooey! Love that sanding and colour intensity. From very light copper to rally deep intense black red. No bleeding, no ghosting. Flex it baby!

Closing Comments
Yep. I was pretty excited by Ancient Copper. I still think it's a wicked colour. I certainly like it enough to pick up a full bottle.