Currently Inked: Trio of Franklin-Christoph Eye-Dropper Pens

Ever since I got my third Franklin-Christoph (FC) pen, the Model 20 in Wonder Pens exclusive Translucent Bronze, I had wanted to eye-dropper it along with its FC siblings, the Pocket 40 and the Model 66. Finally the stars aligned for my May ink-pairings for me to make it happen.

Eye Dropper #1

First in line...

Pen: Franklin-Christoph 66 Stabilo Ice Music
Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao

Before I could eye dropper the Model 66, I had to first use up all the Sailor Yama Dori that had been in the Model 66 since January. I had eye-droppered this pen the very first time back then and had filled the entire body with Yama Dori. The Model 66 Stabilo, being a desk pen, has enormous capacity. That, along with the Matsyama needlepoint nib resulted in a combination that lasted for months. Too many months.

It was a bit of a pain to clean afterwards. I flushed and soaked with water for days. Then I used Goulet pen flush for deep cleaning, plus mild detergent and cotton swabs. There were remanants of blue ink at the tail end of the ink body cavity and in the threads. When I rubbed with cotton swabs, it only served to push the ink-stained silicon deeper in the threads. I wished for an ultrasonic cleaner to give it a good shake. But alas, I did not have one. AlI could do was keeping repeating all the steps of flushing, soaking and scrubbing with cotton swabs.

I searched online for tips on how to clean eye-droppered pens. Eventually I found a tip from Fountain Pen Network about using old mascara brush to clean out the threads. Unfortunately for me, I had just done a big purging of old mascara the week before so I did not have any lying about. I dug around and found a mini-size mascara sample. I cleaned out the mascara wand. The brush on the wand was great for getting the silicon out of the threads. However, the wand was not long enough to get rid of the ink stains on the tail end. I decided to fill the pen with another blue ink instead. Problem temporarily averted (in reality, ignored or postponed).

It was kind of by default that I put Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao into the FC Model 66. It was the only blue ink I had in a bottle and that I had not already used in the Model 66.

I also knew that I wanted to take the Music nib I got for the Model 20 and put it on the 66. The large ink capacity and big juicy nib would be a good match.

Asa Gao works beautifully with the Music nib. It flows well and never skips. The ink is rich and saturated and leaves a beautiful sheen.

Eyedropper #2

Second in line

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Model 20 Translucent Bronze Matsyama Needlepoint
Ink: Diamine Sepia

It was also by default that the Model 20 ended up with the Matsyama Needlepoint since its' Music nib went to the Model 66.

I wanted to fill the Model 20 with an ink colour that matched the Translucent Bronze body. I chose Diamine Sepia. In retrospect, Sepia needs a wider nib to show its’ shading and to have substance in the lines. So far I find the needlepoint and Sepia combo too fine and light. The needlepoint really lays down a fine line, it helps if I put a bit of pressure into it. I may have to find a different use for it other than straight writing.

Eyedropper #3

Third in line

Pen: Franklin-Christoph Pocket 40 Blue-Violet and Ice 1.1
Ink: Callifolio Esperance

The Pocket 40 takes a smaller nib that is not interchangeable with those on its' bigger siblings and I don't have any spare nibs. So, the Pocket 40 keeps its 1.1 stub nib.

I got some new Callifolio inks from Vanness Pens right at the end of April, so I filled the body with Callifolio Esperance.

Even though the Pocket 40 does not have a translucent body it still makes a suitable candidate for eye-dropper because I can get a larger ink capacity from eye dropper than from using short international cartridges.

Closing Comments
The eye dropper conversions we're easy and fun got do with FC's good instructions. The translucent pens are fun to look at. So far I've had no issues with ink leaking. I look forward to choosing new inks for eye dropper use next time!