Throwback Thursday: Noodlers Neponset + Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus

We had some wicked hot and sunny weather over the weekend. That inspired my choice for this week's Throwback Thursday.

Warning: Protective eyewear with UV factor of 1000 is highly recommended.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Noodlers Neponset Music
Ink: Rohrer & Klingner Helianthus
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Woah. Sunglasses needed. Bright cheery yellow. Hurts my eyes. Wet. But Surprisingly, not much bleeding, ghosting. No feather either. Nice. A very cheerful sunny yellow. Shades from bright yellow to orange. Happy.

Closing Comments
If you're in the market for a bright orange-yellow ink then this is the ink for you. I would not use this as a daily writer. A full page of bright yellow is a bit much for the eyes to handle. But I can see this being useful for art such as ink-washing or lettering. Maybe it can even be used as a highlighter over bulletproof ink.