Currently Inked: Loadout for a Day at the Amusement Park

We hung out around home for the Labour Day weekend, however, my little guy did want to spend a day at Canada's Wonderland. He's sprouted a few inches since the last time we went and was ready to take on some thrill rides. Of course we obliged.

I prepared what I was going to bring the night before the outing. I was expecting long waits in the blazing sun, complete soakings from the water rides and violent agitation from the roller coasters. Light but durable were the themes of the day in terms of writing instruments and stationery. This is what I brought:

Starting from the left, top row:
Superior Labor Painters Bag I was determined to only take what would fit in this bag.

Sunscreens and lip glaze Sun protection is important!

Jackery charger This charger has built in lightning cable and can juice up my iPhone a few times. I expected that using the GPS on the Wonderland app would draw down my phone charge very quickly.

2nd row:
Nockco Sinclair Case I like that this case is compact and has a zipper closure. Everything stays dry, cosy and safe inside. In addition to the writing instruments, the case held the Oconee wallet, and a couple notebooks. I styled up the case with pins from Wonder Pens and the Pen Addict.

Nockco Blue Label Oconee Wallet The guys at Nockco designed this wallet to be minimalist and light-weight and they delivered. I was able carry some cash and a few cards in this small wallet that I was could easily slip into the Sinclair case or my cargo shorts pockets.

Memory card For the camera.

Caran d'Ache Fancolor Pencils Travel Pack These are so teeny-tiny I could easily stash them anywhere. 'Cause, I never know when I need to draw something with the kiddo.

3rd row:
Field Notes Two Rivers edition I didn't need fountain pen friendly paper so I thought this would be the perfect notebook to mess around in with my son while we were waiting.

Baron Fig Maker Apprentice Notebook This notebook is the insert I'm currently using in my Passport-sized Travellers Notebook. I use it to write my daily notes of the day.

Baron Fig Apprentice Notebook & Squire Pen

Olympus EP-5 with Body Cap Lens This is the camera I use for 99% of the photography on I gave up my usual 17 mm lens for portability. The body cap lens did better than I expected. I was able to get some decent portraits and shots of stage performances from a distance.

4th row:
Writing Instruments All chosen for small size and durability. Fountain pens did not seem practical for a day in the sun and for taking onto rides.

Pen: Baron Fig Squire Pen
Ink: Baron Fig refill
Well, this is the perfect pen for that Baron Fig notebook.

Pen: The Pen Addict Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball
Ink: Retro 51 refill
It rocks the colours on the Field Notes.

Pen: Joey Feldman Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball
Ink: Schmidt P8126 refill
Another Retro 51 to share with kiddo. Plus, I fully expected myself to have psychedelic cartoon eyes like those on the pen after a day at the amusement park.

Pen: Travelers Brass Pencil
It takes to the Field Notes pretty well and it fit in the Sinclair case!

Superior Labor Brass & Leather Keychain I need my keys!

Final Thoughts

A part of me wanted to take a fountain pen but I could not imagine how any of them would survive a looping roller coaster ride without creating a big messy leak. Hence practicality won the day. It was nice to crack open the notebooks and fill them them memories from a day of fun while waiting in line for a ride or for a show to start. Whenever kiddo got bored, I handed him the Field Notes notebook and a pen and he was off creating roller coaster designs. Perhaps I have a future engineer on my hands.