A little humblebrag (aka the surreal Pen Addict experience)

The Pen Addict podcast is one of the few podcasts that I selected as 'priority' in my Overcast app.  It's also the only podcast I allow notifications for in my Relay.fm app even though I love many of the shows on the network.

This is because I've chosen to be restrictive with notifications on my devices so as to control my #inboxaddiction.  I learned this from Shawn Blanc's The Focus Course and also listening to the Mac Power Users podcast.

As a result, I sometimes listen to the live stream of the Pen Addict and pop into the live chat room when I see the notification on my Relay.fm app and if I'm not too busy.  It's pretty fun to listen live.  More often than not, I only listen to the podcast the same afternoon that it is posted while on my evening commute home.

Except this week.  

That's because Wednesday and Thursday were snow days.  I decided to work from home to avoid traffic chaos.  This meant less podcast listening time for me as I often consume podcasts during my 45 min-60 min drives.

While working at home may mean more flexibility to listen to podcasts, that was not the case because I was completely swamped with meetings and projects during "office hours".  And then this week my little guy had a crazy play-off hockey schedule which kept us busy at the rinks in the evenings.

In fact, I haven't had much time this week to monitor my blog.  The last time I was on was to post my Throwback Thursday post very late on Wednesday night.  I don't think I even had time to check the site metrics.

On Friday, my hubby had guys night out so after putting my son to bed, I finally settled into some "me" time.  I decided on some fountain pen indulgence of listening to Pen Addict Episode 194 while cleaning and filling pens.   It was a relaxing and meditative evening.  

Flushing and filling away on a Friday night


I was flushing my Omas Ogiva Alba for the umpteenth time (a beautiful pen to behold and write with but a bit of a pain to clean) when I heard Myke and Brad mention the blog post I wrote in response to Myke's cry for help from an earlier episode

Screenshot of my Overcast app when I heard Myke call my name...


Wow, Myke and Brad talked my post.  I felt like I was touched by the Pen Gods.  Seriously.  Myke and Brad agreed that Pendorasbox.com was a pretty cool URL 😎.  Myke also liked my suggestion for him to practice Romanian by writing out words and sentences.

It was just a little mention with the link in the show notes.  But wow, talk about influence and super powers, because the metrics on that post has been crazy.

This post has a bit of a humblebrag.  But then again, I was mentioned on the Pen Addict podcast!!!  Wow!