Throwback Thursday: Noodler's Ahab-Goulet 1.1 italic and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Pen:       Noodler's Ahab/Goulet 1.1

Ink:        Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

Paper:   Rhodia No. 16 Grid

In last week's Throwback Thursday I posted a first impressions look at Noodler's Ahab with the stock flex nib with Kon-Peki.  So, it seems a bit redundant to do this one just swapping the nib for the Goulet 1.1 italic.  Then, again, maybe not.

Handwritten Review

Yes, I definitely misspelled "definately" in the handwritten review.  Oh well.

It's harder to capture the sheen than I thought.

Okay, I decided to swap out the flex nib on the Ahab with the Goulet 1.1 italic.  First time trying italic nib,  I love it!!!  Love the way it looks.  Now, as for this ink with this nib combo - definitely broader with regular pressure.  It's writing wetter.  I like the line variation.  This paper rocks no bleed through.  Got to...

[There's another page that I haven't included a picture of which says...] careful with smudging though.  Need to give it more time to dry.

Hey, I can kind of imagine I have good handwriting with this nib.  Love it!

Closing Comments
I must say that I really love using a 1.1 stub nib.  I know my personal bias is for super fine lines but I really do enjoy the line variation from a stub.  I think it brings a certain amount of flourish and style.  It even makes my writing looking nicer (to me, that is.)  

I also find it's easier to bring out the sheen of Kon-Peki using a stub because I don't have to add pressure to flex.  The Ahab, after all, is no wet noodle.  It can get tiring when doing a lot of flex writing.  


I think it's great that we can swap nibs out of the Ahab for these Goulet nibs.  And I think it's awesome now that Goulet has the nibs with a stealthy black finish.  I don't some much like hardware with gold colour, but I can definitely go with black.