Throwback Thursday: Another Quick Look at Noodlers Ahab + J. Herbin Stormy Grey

While flipping through my old ink testing notes for potential Throwback Day features, I came across another one involving Noodler's Flex pens and Stormy Grey.In my previous two TBT's, I had also wrote about brief impressions if this combo.So, I thought it would be good to close the loop on this theme.
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Throwback Thursday: Noodlers Bad Blue Heron in Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.1 Stub

I had got a Noodlers Ahab fairly early on for flex writing. At the same time, I added a set of Goulet nibs so that I could try different size nibs. The Goulet nibs also now come in stealthy black. Here I swapped out the Ahab flex nib for the Goulet 1.1 stub. 

Pen:     Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.1 Stub

Ink:      Noodlers Bad Blue Heron

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid 

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Throwback Thursday: Noodler's Ahab-Goulet 1.1 italic and Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki

In last week's Throwback Thursday I posted a first impressions look at Noodler's Ahab with the stock flex nib with Kon-Peki.  So, it seems a bit redundant to do this one just swapping the nib for the Goulet 1.1 italic.  Then, again, maybe not.

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