Throwback Thursday: Noodlers Bad Blue Heron in Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.1 Stub

I had got a Noodlers Ahab fairly early on for flex writing. At the same time, I added a set of Goulet nibs so that I could try different size nibs. The Goulet nibs also now come in stealthy black. Here I swapped out the Ahab flex nib for the Goulet 1.1 stub.

Pen: Noodlers Ahab Goulet 1.1 Stub

Ink: Noodlers Bad Blue Heron

Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Handwritten Review

This ink writes wet OR the Goulet 1.1 stub is wet OR the feed is wet. Letting out lots of ink. Certainly this combo is not as precise or crisp as Lamy 1.1 stub. I will need to try the same ink in the Lamy Al-Star to see if any difference.

Colour is interesting dark blue green. Wet. No bleeding, feathering. Good shader.

Closing comments

Looking back I can already sense a little frustration or uncertainty. Using Noodlers pens indeed requires some tooling around. In my later trials I would try heat-setting the feed, adjusting the positioning of the nib against the feed, changing how far I would push the nib and feed into the section...lots of variations and permutations.