Throwback Thursday: Noodlers Ahab + Diamine Graphite

We're already mid-way through September. Kids settled in the new school year. Work has taken on a get-serious tone. So for Throwback Thursday this week I take a look at Diamine Graphite. It's another ink where I only tried a sample. Since it's been awhile since I tried it, I'll have to rely on my comments from the handwritten review.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Noodlers Ahab
Ink: Diamine Graphite
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Only now I've finally given the Ahab a thorough washing. Seems the flow issues are fixed. About this ink. It seems to write WET!!! It's a very interesting dark grey. How's the shading? Some good shading at the beginning. Certainly this ink dries to a different colour.

Closing Comments
I also pulled out the ink swab card that I made for this ink. I can't get over how different the ink looks on the Rhodia paper vs. the Nock Co card. Hard to believe it's the same ink!

Ink Swab on Nock Co Dot Dash Notecard

This is a very dark grey. For greys, I much prefer the dark rather than faint ones. So this is up my alley. It would make a good pencil substitute from an aesthetic perspective.