Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Kaweco Brass Sport + KWZ Brown Pink

So it's officially the first day of fall. Hard to believe since the days keep ticking off so fast. For this Throwback Thursday, I take a look at another pen & ink combo from my July loadout.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Kaweco Brass Sport EF
Ink: KWZ Brown Pink
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Well this is another ink that is very popular. Lots of comments on Instagram when I use it. I think it's a great colour. To be honest, I don't think I would have got this on my own. It just looked so good whenever people posted Instagram photos of it.

I love the ink. I think looks pretty darn cool paired with the Kaweco Brass Sport. The combo is smooth. It's great.

So how much of it is left? Should not be much. Write more to dry the pen. It's time to change. July 31st. Last day of the month. I need to post some stuff on the blog including a look at the weird yet beautiful ink. My brain is running out of words to say. Duh.

Closing Comments
I can't believe I wrote those words! But, I was vacationing at the cottage at the time I did the handwritten review and drunk on sun, surf and all sorts of beverages.

I should add that I really love unique personality of this ink. It's weird and quirky. Not brown, not pink. Yet, very much what brown + pink must look like when mixed together. It reminds me of red velvet ice cream. I got some great shading on Tomoe River paper with KWZ Brown Pink. But, in general, the ink was very well behaved on all sorts of paper, but especially on Rhodia.