Throwback Thursday: Quick Look at Lamy Studio Wild Rubin + Diamine Chocolate Brown

I love ink and I love chocolate. So, Diamine Chocolate Brown is right up my alley. Too bad it doesn't smell like chocolate. I have no idea if it tastes like chocolate. Unlike Azizah, I have no appetite for tasting ink.

Handwritten Review

Pen: Lamy Studio Wild Rubin 14k EF
Ink: Diamine Chocolate Brown
Paper: Rhodia No. 16 Grid

Thanks to Ron at Pen Chalet for sending this - I actually forgot I ordered it and thought it was part of a Fountain Pen Day special. But no matter, Ron sent half my order since the other half is back ordered.

This ink is delicious. I mean, look at it. It's like dark chocolate. And I've never been one to pass up on chocolates. Damn, it looks so fine.

I love the way think looks as I write. The sensual ooziness of molten chocolate evokes the feeling of writing with chocolate sauce or chocolate ganache. Yum-oh!

It dries to a nice deep rusty chocolate brown. Shades beautifully even in the EF nib.

Well behaved. Saturated. Rich. Divine.

Closing Comments
Well, I'm getting a craving for chocolate just by writing this post. I never thought I would have a thing for brown inks. But this one definitely changed my mind. I think I need to make a video of writing with this ink...😋